About me


Photography by Kristofer Hedlund

Welcome to my website and I am glad to assist you in your health quest!

My name is Shantimaya Sami Jammoul, I am a homeopath and a natural health consultant.

I started my journey in homeopathy as a patient and I felt very grateful for homeopathy ever since for the great health that I’ve been enjoying. Before I was introduced to homeopathy I had a lot of chronic health disturbances and I used to take a lot of medication, but with homeopathy my health took a new turn especially when I understood the holistic natural apporach and the integration in which health should  be looked upon!

Being amazed myself with how homeopathy changed my health for better and for the greater vital force  which I started to experience in my life I felt the inspiration and recieved an undoubted and a clear call to learn more about homeopathy and bringing it into many more poeple’s life. I felt so enthusiastically that such a great system of medicine should be shared with all!

In few months I was lucky to enroll in one course with LICH (London International College of Homeopathy) and completed one course which enabled me to start my basic practice in homeopathy.

During that time I kept on developing my knowledge in homeopathy through researches and self-study until I joined another college in homeopathy CPH ( College of Practical Homeopathy) which over five years of studying with I gained many practical tools and new knowledge which caused a revolution in my homeopathy practice and to whom I am very grateful of being the homeopath that I am today. With CPH as the name describes homeopathy is appraoched in a very practical way, combining homeopathic treatment with nutrition, herbal tinctures, diet and detox and providing different homeopathic treatment methods in adaptation to each and every patient’s own needs. CPH is run by Ellen Kramar, a revolutionary and practical homeopath, and the author of one unique book ‘‘ A Practical Guide to Methods of Homeopathic Prescribing” and I was very lucky to have her as my personal tutor who generously and patiently guided me over my study years, and until today she continues to be my inspiration.

Beside being a homeopath I am also a yoga and meditation teacher for the past ten years and I have been very interested in yogic therapy and in integrating it with my practice of homeopathy.

I live in Stockholm and I work at Bliss Cafe which is a holistic center with raw vegan cafe, yoga and meditation room and homeopathy clinic. At Bliss Cafe I teach yoga and meditation classes, I run regular raw vegan (un)cooking courses,  I hold occasionally courses in homeopathy and I meet clients for homeopathy and natural health consultancy.

I am also the author of one vegetarian cooking book ”Kitchen of Love” with information on vegetarian diet and over 180 recipes that most of them are my own creation.