Online Consultation

I have been working in many different countries over the past ten years teaching yoga and meditation and holding homeopathy clinics and courses.

With online consultation I am able to keep up with my old patients and to make myself also available for new patients who live abroad and are interested to have consultation with homeopathy.

For online consultation a Skype meeting will be scheduled. You will find a Skype button below where you can click to call me. Please note that I answer Skype calls only at a pre-shceduled appointment.

To book your online consultation and schedule an appointment:
1- Click on the payment button below where you will be directed to pay the cost of 400 SEK (exl. taxes) via Paypal*.
2- Complete the payment and I will automatically receive a notification.
3- Click here to fill in the contact form so I can receive your message along with your contact details and I will reply you as soon as I can.
4- We will fix together an appointment which has to be good for both of us.
5- When the time for the fixed appointment comes you can click the Skype button below to call me and we will meet online.

Kindly note that the fees are non-refundable if you don’t attend to the pre-scheduled appointment unless you contact me for canceling or changing the appointment at least 48 hours in advance.

The online consultation will take about an hour, during which I will try to understand all about your case and after studying it a prescription will be made.

If your case requires to be treated over different stages, further consultations/ follow ups may be required.

(* Homeopathic supplements are not inluded in the cost but I will try to guide you where you can buy them from, and yet I don’t take responsibility for that)

Declaration: Please note that this consultation is a not a replacement for your physician/ doctor’s advices and the homeopathic treatment is complimentary which does not replace any other treatment you are required to undergo. All the responsibility for consulting me and choosing homeopathic treatment lies fully on you. By consulting me and receiving a homeopathy treatment you are fully aware of this and agree to it.