The treatment starts after consultation when I take your case and understand your condition.

Consultation takes about 45-60 minutes, during this time I will be guiding you to hear all about your condition and understand your case so I can analyze it and make your prescription.

You will also be given advice on diet and nutrition and the treatment might be combined with naturopathy and yogatherapy depending on your case and your request.

emballage-primaire-packaging-2The cost of consultation is 550 SEK.

Homeopathic supplements can be purchased from the clinic for the cost of 100 SEK for one dispenser ( a bottle containing about 50-60 dozes)

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Declaration: Please note that this consultation is a not a replacement for your physician/ doctor’s advice and that the homeopathic treatment is complimentary and does not replace any other treatment you are required to undergo. All the responsibility for consulting me and choosing homeopathic treatment lies fully on you. By consulting me and receiving a homeopathy treatment you are fully aware of this and agree to it.